Shabbat Chanuka 5772 - Gerard Doustraat Shul

Lichvod my teiere einekel Channa Shira Goldberg שתח'

Why was she called Channa Shira?

Lets look at what her namesake Channa said.

יא וַתִּדֹּר נֶדֶר וַתֹּאמַר,ה צְבָאוֹת אִם-רָאֹה תִרְאֶה בָּעֳנִי אֲמָתֶךָ וּזְכַרְתַּנִי וְלֹא-תִשְׁכַּח אֶת-אֲמָתֶךָ, וְנָתַתָּה לַאֲמָתְךָ, זֶרַע אֲנָשִׁים--וּנְתַתִּיו לַה כָּל-יְמֵי חַיָּיו, וּמוֹרָה לֹא-יַעֲלֶה עַל-רֹאשׁוֹ

See reb Yonason Eibeshitz who explains that she hopes that her child will be like the greatest of men.

Chazal say that she wanted that her son would be equal to moshe and aron

Reb yonason says that Shmuel had in himself the quality of aron to bring sholom and of Moshe rabenu to to judge people.

Reb Chaim Shmulevits explains that her tefillo was most profound. She taught us that man can have tremendous impact. Out of regular man can emerge a person who combines within himself Moshe and Aron simultaneously

ג אַל-תַּרְבּוּ תְדַבְּרוּ גְּבֹהָה גְבֹהָה, יֵצֵא עָתָק מִפִּיכֶם:  כִּי א-ֵל דֵּעוֹת ה, ולא (וְלוֹ) נִתְכְּנוּ עֲלִלוֹת

See Rav Mendel Hirsch that we see over here a most profound lesson. A man has to strife that Hashem will count his deeds.

It is man whose deeds are counted who makes a difference in this world.

It is not the person that talks in a high way like he is above every body else It is much more the regular seemingly insignificant person whose deeds are counted.

וְיִתֶּן-עֹז לְמַלְכּוֹ, וְיָרֵם קֶרֶן מְשִׁיחוֹ. 

Channa has a view of the Moshiach. What Channa is teaching is the tremendous potential of each human being. Everybody has the potential to grow. Everybody has the potential to contribute something to the world in a special way. These two concepts are the foundation of the world of the Moshiach.

Channa gave something special to the world. Till that moment she had been obscure noone had taken any notice of here. But then hashem decided that she would be the woman who would put the person in the world who through his combined love and exactness would be the person to start the dynasty of the moshiach.

The world is waiting for the moshiach to come. The world is slowly elevating itself to that great moment. Why is that ? Because the world has that power to elevate itself, because the world has the power of shira, of song.

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