Chanuka 5772

The Shem Mishmuel says that they did not institute chanuka the first chanuka, that Chazal did only the next year. Why?

He explains that only when they felt the same hashpoo come back the next year that that was to indicate that they should make a yom tov.

Wat did they feel ? See Pne Yehoshua on Shabbos. He brings that the menorah miracle was a sign of a special ahavo because there was no real need for it.

This comes to teach that what caused chanuka to become a yom tov was the special feeling of ahavo that came again the next year.

When a yid feels the ahavo to Hashem then that is bizhus of chanuka because the Shem Mishmuel teaches us that chanuka is there to stay. Chanuka never goes away.

In this golus with all its spiritual darkness there is a special brocho that one can feel ahavas Hashem in unparalleled way.

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