Parsha Terumo Tetsave 5771

We find in this weeks parshe something interesting. Moshe rabenu is told to make the mishkan. The mishkan will have various vessels. It will have the Oroun with the Luchot HaBrit and also the menora.

The Oroun will be adorned by two Keruvim, images of angels.
Moshe rabenu had no problem to instruct how to make the Keruvim although they were angels who lived in a different place then Moshe rabenu himself.

But the Menora was yes a problem. Why?
Moshe rabenu was able to understand the 300000 words of the Tora with all their details so why was this so hard?
The Keruvim symbolise the bond between the Jewish people and HaShem, that he understood. He understood that sometimes there is a good bond and then they face each other and sometimes HaShem is dissatisfied and then they faces are turrned away from each other.

But the Menora is different. It came with all the lights facing each other always. It is the spiritual flame of all the Jewish people together. That is the biggest miracle on earth. And the flames are always facing each other because each member of the Jewish people is always connected to the other whatever happened.

And that moshe rabenu needed to be explained in a special way. He needed to understand how the Menora with all its intricate details was able to make that special light shine out and become visible.

It is up to us that our flame does not get weaker because it weakens all of Klal Yisroel.

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