Parsha Jitro 5770 - Gerard Doustraat

Rav Wolbe brings in his droshes the perusch of chassid yavets. He explains that hashjem puts a tremendous challenge in front of the world. Is the world going to think that they can achieve spirituality sense and inspiration by themselves. Or will that be done by the Tora, by following the 613 mitsvos.

Kabolas hatora teaches us that the only way to achieve that is via the derech of the 613 mitsvos.

There is something else however. Chazal teach us that hashem is an artist, he is a painter. Like we meet Beethovens mind in the 5 th symfony or Rembrandt in his great paintings and Michelangelo in the Mona Lisa. We meet hashem - lehavdil - in the great mitsves. They are an image of spirituality of kedusha and sanctity. Together with the Tora he gave the jewish people the power to get inspired and meet him.

Man himself is an image of a tremendous spiritual world. If man only believes the power he had. Then that spiritual turns into reality. That is the climax of hashem being an artist.

We see in the tora that when hashem created Chava that the word yetsira –creation- is not used. The tora uses the word ויבן he built. Why this change?

See Rashi. Rashi explains that hashem built Chava in a way so that man would be able to conceive children and that woman would be able to carry the baby till the moment of birth.

There is something else to this. Man is an image of something divine. Through the union he achieves together with his spouse this power of images becomes real. It becomes flesh. It becomes real. It is the power of that image to build , to build another person who will carry on the human tradition of the image world. But The power of יצירה becomes so real that it becomes like בנין .

Let everybody who has the power to do so do it. They are very much needed by the jewish people.


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